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A 12-week module-based program to help you rediscover the mind-body connection 

BRAND NEW for 2023!

Start your new year off the right way--without the restrictive, unsustainable diets.

How many times have you made your New Years Resolution a diet-related goal? This program is for you!

About the Program...

Citrus Fruits

The FFD program is a 12-week, 12-module private program for individuals experiencing disordered eating or challenges with dieting.


The program requires a time commitment of 1-hour per week, with flexible scheduling. We will meet on a weekly basis, on YOUR time--whatever works best for you! 


Modules include 12 different topics with activities, assessments, journal reflections, and MORE to enhance learning in between sessions.

A Slice of the Pizza

Learn to ease the anxiety and stress surrounding food choices and make peace with food. Together we will work on sustainable behavior changes and set realistic goals each week to find food freedom! Learn how to truly enjoy your food, in a healthier, non-diet way and heal disordered eating patterns. Honor your hunger and satiety cues, learn self-compassion, and understand that gentle nutrition is the key to Food Freedom success!

Meat in Pita Bread

Invest in YOU to be FREE from diet restriction and food anxiety! All payments will be invoiced through a secure system and payments can be made with a credit card.

2 payments of:



Pay in full:


Food Freedom Discovery Program
A private short-term nutrition counseling and education program to get you in touch with your body's cues and feel at peace with food again.

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