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Meagan Maritato Fitness Coach



At MM Wellness, your appearance is not your "why".

I help clients find motivation and sustainable exercise to get the body moving and decrease risk of chronic disease while also focusing on a flexible routine.
I believe that exercise should be grounded in heath and wellness instead of only setting goals to achieve a better physical appearance. I support physical activity that allows people of all sizes, abilities, and interests to engage in enjoyable movement.

Meagan Maritato Personal Training


Discovering Joyful Movement

Your body was undoubtedly born to move. Exercise is a form of self-care and should be sustainable, enjoyable, and health-focused.

At MM Wellness, our coaching programs offer motivation, structure, and guidance without the stress or pressure of adhering to a strict workout plan or an even stricter diet.

Movement is medicine. Let's get comfortable with exercise and promote healthy body image by incorporating body-neutral concepts in training.​

Meagan Maritato

MM Wellness offers fitness coaching as a stand alone service, or in tandem with any customized nutrition coaching program. 

Personal Training Program Features include:

  • Customized workout plan tailored to your specific exercise and health goals

  • Flexible programming that fits your needs

  • An online portal that houses all client data and supports progress tracking

  • Client education on various fitness topics

  • Professional assessments and reassessments to stay on track and remain health-focused and goal-oriented

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